~A Study In Leaves~

During my training as a Coffee Master, I also had to study a ton about tea. Well, not so much had to as wanted to, but studying tea has helped me a ton with identifying the flavors found in coffee. One important taste factor I discovered when researching teas was the difference between whole leaf teas and bag teas.

Whole leaf teas are teas that are left ungrounded, and release a remarkable amount of flavor notes that are lost in the grinding process. Bagged teas, on the other hand, are heavily processed, and more often than not are simply the dusty, tea-leaf remnants at the bottom of tea barrels. While bags are certainly convenient, and more popular in cafe industries, whole leaf teas will almost consistently provide a richer, more flavorful journey for any avid tea drinker.

Sadly, bagged black tea never truly gives a full flavor profile.

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