~A Study In Death~

Yesterday, a friend of mine passed away after a three-year battle with cancer. She is the second friend I have lost these last two years, and it is no way easier to process the pain I feel. So being a writer, I decided the best way to handle this would be through my words. 

Coffee has, for centuries, played a gigantic role in many aspects of people’s lives. In particular, coffee always seems to show up in places of social gatherings. And in the South, there may not be a more culturally significant gathering of people than at a wake or a funeral. 

Long believed to have restorative properties (which, thanks to science, we now know as caffeine), coffee has the ability to bring life back into people on the brink of exhaustion. I think this is why it always seems to be present at events surrounding the death of others. 

Coffee has definitely provided me comfort these last two days, and I’ve been inspired to do more research on this topic. Perhaps I’ll revisit this “Study in Death” some day. Until then, I bid you all ado. 

*In Memory of Lupe Lara. May you join the Stars*

Photograph by my friend, Elise Granier

One thought on “~A Study In Death~

  1. So sorry, Caleb. You have me in tears as I’m reading this, but I’m so proud of you right now. Your friend is definitely looking down from Heaven and smiling! Love you! ❤. Mom


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