Ginger Beard (Part 3)

They say greatness comes in threes, don’t they?

The number three has always held extremely powerful properties. The Holy Trinity, the Valknut, the three stages of life; three has always been believed to bring harmony and wisdom to the lives of those who utilize its properties.

I guess it would make sense, then, that Ginger Beard’s third story revolves around the greatest and wisest television series ever created: Parks and Recreation. Continue reading


Are We Sluts?

Whenever you hear the word “slutty”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind. Sex, right?

Sexual prowess is often considered to be a negative act; though we live in a world obsessed with it, actually acting upon our Earthly desires is often quickly followed by feelings of regret and shame. It’s okay for us to indulge in our fantasies through the vessels of our favorite movie stars and soap opera storylines, but the second we share too much of ourselves, well that just crosses the line, now doesn’t it? But what about when we share too much of other things; bare our souls too much, discuss our pasts with strangers, post our every thought on social media. When we wear our hearts on our sleeves, are we actually just emotional sluts?

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Taking A Quick Break

Hello, my beautiful and wonderfully amazing readers. I hope you’ve been enjoying the grand revival of Malawi and Magnolias as much as I have. Truth be told, this blog is so much better this time around and I think my content reflects that.

I just wanted everyone to know that I’ll be posting a little less often from now on. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! I’ll still be trying to get one in every other day, at least, but for the first week I wanted to give y’all as many posts as possible.

I appreciate everyone who has been tuning in thus far. Cheers to Malawi and Magnolias, and cheers to you, my amazing readers. Until next time!

-xoxo Caleb J.


Ginger Beard

So I guess by now a few of you are wondering, “You’ve been in a new city for three whole months now. You haven’t made a single friend yet?” And…you caught me. A few of my coworkers have taken me in, I’m practically in love with my roommate (I’ll introduce you to her soon, don’t worry), and I have met a few other people through social media. All in all, I’m content with my very small circle I’ve developed thus far, the smallest circle I’ve had in probably my entire life.

But you see, there is this one boy.  Continue reading