•Iced Willow Lemonade•

If you are from the South, you most likely have a deep-rooted acceptance of our erratic weather patterns; Louisiana can and will try and fit all four seasons into one week, sometimes even in the same day. In addition to the making outfit choices unbearably difficult for everyone, the ever-changing temperature makes it very difficult to decide what kind of coffee you want to drink: Hot and steamy, or iced and refreshing?

Luckily for us, Spring has arrived and with it a near-constant wave of heat (our spring might as well just be referred to as ‘Colorful Summer’). Because of this, I thought I would reintroduce a mixed-coffee beverage I devised during my training to become a Coffee Master: Iced Willow Lemonade!Lemonade

This drink, similar to an Arnold Palmer, is made up of equal parts lemonade and iced coffee. I use the Willow Blend for the iced coffee due to the natural acidity of the blonde roast. Willow Blend also has, in my opinion, an extremely accurate name; the woody notes of the blend give a nice, earthy taste and pairs extremely with with the lemonade.

If you want a little extra kick to your beverage, this drink tastes amazing with muddled blueberries and gin. It becomes the perfect drink for a hot summer day, whether it be poolside or just on your front porch. Paired with an Iced Lemon Pound Cake and some fresh blueberries, you simply cannot go wrong. Hope you all enjoy it! Until next time.