•Komodo Dragon•

One of the best and most rewarding parts of being a Coffee Master for Starbucks is whenever I get the opportunity to share what I’ve learned to both my customers and my partners. I love being able to do public tastings, but there is something about helping a partner do their first tasting, a right of passage every partner is allowed during their training period.

For this tasting, I was inspired by a new product Starbucks began selling a few days ago: organic avocado spread. Because the spread is filled with subtle notes of spice and garlic, I figured it would pair perfectly with the Komodo Dragon blend, an Asian dark roast blend that I adore.

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The Komodo Dragon is an extremely powerful blend; like most roasts from the Asia/Pacific growing region, Komodo Dragon has the unique, spicy properties the land grants them. As soon as the water hits the fresh grounds, an aroma of Indonesian petrichor explodes from the brew, similar to a stroll through the deep forests of the growing region right after the rain. Komodo Dragon is a blend that will wake you up before you ever take the first sip, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. To any new partners out there: be sure to try Komodo Dragon in your stores today! Until next time, farewell.