~A Study In Foam~

My Very First Successful Tulip

Latte art, originating in Seattle, Washington, has become a form of competitive art experienced by baristas around the world. Created when the heavy microfoam of steamed milk blends with shots of espresso, competitions are hosted around the world to discover the best of the best latte artists. In particular, Japanese and Korean cultures study latte art intensively, classes available to teach those interested how to create everything from hearts and tulips of swans and scorpions.

I began doing latte art a few months ago, mainly so that I could tell whether or not I was foaming the milk correctly. A properly made latte, one that tastes perfect in every way, should always be able to yield some form of art, whether that be a tulip or even something simpler, like a round, white dot. Next time you go to your local coffee shop, ask your barista if they can make latte art. If they can, I guarantee you will make their day a little brighter.