~A Study In Thought~

I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately: school, life, work, family, friends, death, the future. No matter how hard I try to clear my mind, an infinite number of thoughts cloud my psyche. My depression is rearing its ugly head again, and I find myself worrying about needless things once again. I’ve always felt that my creativity and imagination was a great asset of mine but sometimes it just leads to unnecessary stress when I think too much about things that aren’t there.

In order to stave off the boredom, and the writer’s block that my whirlwind of emotions tend to lead me to, I decided it would be best to type this post in the Starbucks I work at. I know

Hot Chocolate will always the perfect drink for thinking thoughts.

what you’re thinking: “You go to work on your days off?” Yes, as lame as it sounds I tend to find myself constantly drifting to this little café almost every day, regardless of whether or not I’m working (this is a phenomena that occurs to most baristas, I promise). Something about the aromas wafting around the little niches of the lobby and the clattering of milk pitchers calms me down and clears my mind. This Starbucks has truly been my home for the last year and a half, and I think its my go-to place to think all of my thoughts away.

So to the people who find themselves reading this post (seriously, thank you guys for taking the time out to read these), how do you go about clearing your mind of the clutter that fills it? Any places you tend to find yourself, activities that you do to ease the day-to-day monotony? Be sure to let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you all. I hope your days are treating you well, and your coffee is as strong as God Himself. Until next time, farewell.