•Sun-Dried Ethiopia Sidamo•

I cannot even begin to describe how excited I was to learn that this blend of coffee was coming to regular, non-reserve Starbucks locations. Unlike standard blends, such as Veranda, Espresso, and Breakfast, which consist of beans from various locations all roasted together to create a specific taste, reserve coffee is coffee that comes from a single origin point, and due to its rarity, is sold primarily online and in special reserve coffee locations.

Occasionally, however, certain reserve coffees will makes its way to all stores due to some type of promotion, in this case, the Sun-Dried Ethiopia Sidamo blend is being promoted due to its incredible popularity and its connections to the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, something I’ll touch upon another day.

But this blend, oh this blend. It is incredible. As soon as you open the package, a wave of dark chocolate and pepper hits the back of your palette. The aroma is enough to wake you

A typical set-up display of the Sun-Dried Ethiopia Sidamo blend found in most Starbucks locations.
up from a groggy day, but when brewed, nothing compares to it.

Because of this blend’s unique sun-dried (natural) method of washing, in which it is laid out in the sun whilst still inside the coffee cherries, it absorbs all the flavor of its fruit, providing the drinker with a rich, juicy taste of chocolate and fruit. Because this coffee takes on the natural flavors of the coffee cherry, I would highly recommend pairing it with a piece of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Cherry Chocolate (Ghirardelli has many, many chocolate flavors that pair well with coffee blends, definitely a go-to brand of mine).

Pick up a pound of Sun-Dried Ethiopian Blend coffee as soon as you can. Because of the nature of reserve coffee, it won’t be on the shelves for very long, and if you are a true coffee drinker, you shouldn’t go without having tasted this blend. Until next time, farewell.